Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cafe Najjar, an ad for what it is a Lebanese in 2021

And so Najjar has a new ad, and a new positioning as they moved from "abl kil chi fi Najjar" (before anything else there is Najjar) to "kif ma baramet fi Najjar" (no matter what turn life takes there is a Najjar), oh and a new agency to boot! it moved to Ogilvy. A very nicely shot, very well done ad, thankfully well lit (I had had enough of darkness in ads as of late, which, dear advertisers is a big turn off and no - it is not "sexy"). The ad, for all its prouesse riffs on familiar territory, and why not? Family? Check. Friends? Check. Social distancing on balconies? Check. Zoom calls with boxers? Check. The birthdays when in different houses? Check. Actually, it is a big pot pourri of what it is to live in 2021, with the added zest of being in Lebanon. Maybe, as of late, this is also the case of being a human being in the world. Sure, the bit in the copy that goes that "a lot has changed for you, but now has to go on with little" hits home in the middle of our banking conundrum. Funnily, there is a hint of bank/insurance in the Najjar ad, one when these institutions meant something. At least coffee is eternal in our culture. See the full film here.