Saturday, January 30, 2021

Rethinking Lebanon: Reshaping the Future of Lebanon through Artificial Intelligence

Well, there are those who are complaining, and then there are those who are still working and trying!
Starting February, Rethinking Lebanon will start a series of webinars that covers (AI, Robotics 3D Printing, IoT, Blockchain, AVs & UAVs, AR/VR, Biotech, Deep Learning, Neural Network…). The first webinar is entitled Reshaping the Future of Lebanon through Artificial Intelligence, it will take place on February 4, 2021. The featured speakers are partners and managing directors in BCG (Boston Consulting Group) and Microsoft, the zoom platform that will be used, has a capacity to host 1000 participants, mainly university students.
Actually Rethinking Lebanon is inviting the youth to "Reshaping the Future of Lebanon through Artifical Intelligence" Webinar on Thursday February 4, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (EET)
Jad Bitar, Managing Director & Partner at BCG
Juana Fernández Silva, Director at Microsoft
Akram Awad, PhD, MBA, Principal at BCG
For Registration kindly click on this link.
Rethinking Lebanon by the way has some very worthy objectives and among the topics they discussed so far:
- Redesigning Economic sectors
- Lebanese Women 2025: Role in public services
-Rethinking the design of Entrepreneurship
- Rethinking Education for creating jobs
- Medical Education in Lebanon
- Knowledge Economy and Innovation
- Real Estate Sector: Challenges & Opportunities
And truly, they put their money where their mouth is! So far too many conferences, lectures and meetings have been organized. When reaching out to their president Jihad El Hokayem, he tells me: "Well, we can't all turn our backs and immigrate. I certainly understand why some decide to go that way. But for me, investing in the Lebanese youth is the best I can do and try to get them to remain".