Wednesday, January 13, 2021

1972 Zajal competition ad unearthed

Image credit Lebanon Dikkene

Lebanon Dikkene on Instagram has unearthed one of those super rare gems! An ad for the Zajal competition that took place in the Kamil Chamoun sports stadium on June 10 1972. Now truth be told, all my references indicate that the duel happened on June 10, so why the ad indicates June 10-11 is beyond me (maybe the people got to vote on the 11th?). Still the rarity of the ad and the sleek typography plus the 7UP sponsoring the whole thing is truly incredibly rare. If you like Zajal please head over to this link to see the whole duel. The duel by the way is one of the landmarks and the more I research it the more information comes up - basically the creme de la creme of Zajal poets were pit against one another (Zaghloul el Damour, Sayyed Mohammad Moustapha, Zein Chaib, Moussa Zghaib and the list continues!)....