Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Rise Up Lebanon, the initiative that goes local.

For someone who about 99% of the time buys from small shops, my immediate reflex is to wonder why there are campaigns pushing people to buy from such places. Until I remember the supermarket. Sure, once every two or three months I go to the supermarket to get a list of things - but mostly, being in a village I go to the shops here and buy day to day items - funnily the other day I actually went so early. I helped the shop owner lift the iron door as she was still opening. The Rise Up Lebanon launched their Christmas project: Bundle of Joy. By purchasing this bundle for 150,000LL, you’re supporting 11 small neighborhood shops. You can pre order on 70413205 (see the ad here). Truly at this stage, it is beyond commenting on the ad - which is quite nice mind you - the two shop owners (real shop owners!) are incredibly nice (I am not going to say well casted, because well, they are real shop owners!). Today, Lebanon needs people sticking to one another more than ever, such initiatives do help people remaining in the market.