Wednesday, November 11, 2020

2020 Vision and the quarantine marvel

Long ago Ghida Younes asked me on her TV show how come we remember old ads when they were not the award-winning or super-produced or anything. The answer was simple, because you do not remember an ad, you remember what was happening when you saw the ad. Were you in the shelter? It maybe driving with the radio on to check the latest shelling? Were you with friends? And the list continues. The other element that was crucial, was repetition. The average broadcasting period of an ad, was literally, years. Which is why people who deal with old ads like me are at a loss to put dates on ads: Was that 1980 or 1983? Yes, three years was indeed not unheard of.

Which brings us to the 2020 Vision ad. They are delivering during the quarantine/lockdown. But the ad is timely, cute, and really inserts the brand's expertise (glasses!) in the context. Whereas lockdown was Oxford's word of the year, the probably of repeating the ad is nil. But it is a very good ad, I admit to it.