Monday, October 26, 2020

My Beirut Chronicles shuts down.... (le roi est Mort vive moi!)

So there! (or rather voila donc!) Claude El Khal decided to shut down the very popular My Beirut Chronicles. Well, the bloggers in Lebanon are now down one (and not just any "one"). That Claude decided to shut down the blog with its enormous readership can tell you are hopeless most of us have become. It still comes as a surprise to me that many people still read my blog - honestly the numbers are always pleasantly perplexing for me. 

The other day though, I thought, "who cares?" and almost went hara-kiri deciding to shut everything down. To be honest, why bother? The change we do is minimal. The same day, I saw someone putting about 27 likes on as many different posts of mine on Instagram. Moments later he likes my Facebook page and I see a message from him. It turns out it was a student who had not taken university courses with me, but had heard about my reputation and a two-hour discussion ensued. 

Naturally, by then I found my calling again, remembered why I do what I do, why I am so dedicated and always so full of energy as everything around me seems to fall apart. Claude will be missed, but rest assured I will still be guarding the temple.