Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Roadster too cliché to be called cliché....

Roadster Diner has a new ad.
Done throwing up?
Wow. Really. Not even cliche. All the pinch-me-to-cry-because-am-patriotic images are there.
The woman playing piano in her bombed apartment, the man cleaning up debris on his wheelchair, the flag, the blond and the veiled woman, and so on. Do note, Picasso used them with dignity and gracefulness engulfing them in a serene and proud ambiance. Here they appear cheap, silly and certainly out of context. Why is it some people do not learn when to stop? Especially when using other people's suffering for exhibitionist-voyeuristic purposes. The ad ends with #sharethelove because you know, the concept of the ad is "we share everything". 
Seriously, somewhere in the museum of cliché ads someone is laughing hysterically!