Saturday, May 16, 2020

Zarri3et Albi - the snobbish green thumb

Before you say I do not know what am talking about: I am an agriculture engineer. I know what I am talking about. And - I know top down snobbish behavior when I see it. Heck, to the eyes of some am guilty of it - instead of using one of those useless masks, I wear an Hermes bandana! Which brings us back to the new Nadine Labaki initiative: Zarri3et Albi (زريعة_قلبي). Look, when I was active in engineering, my specialty was economics and development. You cannot lecture people from afar - you need to go, mingle, talk to them (in my case I was picked up by the Land Rover of a militia for interviewing women one on one - mind you, the women did not mind, on the contrary they were extroverted and communicative, but the militia did!). You cannot just do a song, a video and pretend you already got the message across. Yeah, yeah, cool initiative and it so happens that Dior is dropping its collection with straw hats and cute overalls influenced by Monsieur Christian's sister who was obsessed with horticulture - what a stylish coincidence! Long story short: This is a real-life Kapernahum (pun intended).