Friday, May 15, 2020

Adforum PHNX tribute - a phoenix rises from the ashes!

Tarek Chemaly is now a PHNX juror!
AdForum launches a unique, free-to-enter online competition.
Over the past 20 years AdForum has existed to celebrate advertising creativity. One of its founding pillars is its partnership with agencies and awards shows around the world. It acts as both as a promoter of talent and an archive for creative excellence.
Despite the current crisis, AdForum believes that our industry still needs to celebrate creativity, and that as a symbol of resilience and respect for our community, the best work of the last 12 months deserves to be seen and recognized.That’s why we’re launching the AdForum PHNX Tribute (no points for guessing how it is pronounced): a one-off, entirely free-to-enter online competition. Entries will be open on May 18 and the jury will vote from June 12 to 26. Winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze phoenix feathers will be announced and honored on July 9 during an online event.The idea is to celebrate individual creatives and teams: the people behind the great work.We will ask agencies, freelancers, brands and production companies to enter their best work into a carefully distilled selection of 25 categories. 
A top-notch jury of creative leaders will vote on the entries in a spirit of unity and generosity. Philippe Paget, CEO of AdForum’s parent company Maydream, said: “Despite everything we felt that people would still enjoy celebrating great work this summer, so we decided to create a one-off platform for them to do that. I’d especially like to thank the design agency ADDIKT in Amsterdam, who created the PHNX identity in record time, as well as the content consultancy Fish Do It, based in India.”
The online celebration will be preceded by a series of free webinars devoted to creativity.The AdForum PHNX Tribute is designed to lift the spirits of the industry and put creativity back in the spotlight–where it belongs.