Sunday, January 19, 2020

Megxit is a masterclass of media management by the Queen.

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly
It was only a week after Lady Diana died that Queen Elizabeth agreed to fly the flag at half-mast all while the nation was weeping uncontrollably. In her logic, the death of the ex-wife of her eldest son did not affect the family - later, much later, it emerged that she had sheltered her grandsons William and Harry from the news and in the days that followed the tragedy took care of them emotionally.
Make no mistake, the monarch learnt her lesson. When news broke that Harry and Meghan Markle wished to step back from their royal duties she arranged for a meeting at the highest royal echelons. News broke that she caved in and that Harry and Meghan pulled a gun on her temple and won.
Not so fast.
Yesterday it emerged that Harry and Meghan will relinquish their royal titles and pay back the British taxpayers the money that was put to renovate their cottage. I did say it previously, the woman who outlasted so many American presidents and British Prime Ministers is not going to relinquish so easily and here we are today - she let loose her grandson and his wife, upgraded the role of her youngest son (Edward and his wife Sophie), weathered a media storm successfully, all while scotch taping her family and has three kings-in-waiting and an ensured line of succession.
I want to be this tough when I get to 93 years old.