Monday, January 6, 2020

BLC - another bank, another blunder of an ad.

"With storms, cedars only get stronger" so goes the BLC bank ad. I said it prior - nothing will work with banks. That's it - people lost their patience and their trust and have had enough. Truly, people are no longer in the mood for pseudo-patriotic ads, at this stage they just want their money and they are getting agitated and exasperated since banks are holding it from them! So yes, the ad is itself might be "inspiring" but trust me, no one is in the mood to be inspired.
As a side note, I am realizing the spin doctoring in banks is as follows: It is not our fault, it is the big bad corrupted govornment. I saw it with two banks already, all exonerating themselves from the mess all while earning millions from the scheme they instingated and willingly participated in!