Monday, December 30, 2019

Someone just spoofed Lebanese banks hard

You're welcome! Sadly don't know who did this but whomever it is - it's brilliant. Someone spoofed Lebanese banks bad - real real bad. Let's sart with Bank Med whose "we know what you want" became "but we're not giving it to you", then SGBL whose line is "let's get things moving" (*except money was added), Credit Libanais that usually signs with "Close to you" had a "d" added so that it is now "Closed to you", and Blom Bank whose line "ra7at al bal" (peace of mind - with the word ra7a also meaning in Arabic loukoum) had their signature morphed into "loukoum and biscuit and that's more than you deserve". If anyone knows who did them please let me know - these are exceptional indeed.