Tuesday, November 5, 2019

LADR is right - diabetes is serious

In early 2013 I was diagnosed with diabetes. At that time I could barely see with my left eye and the right one was tearful during all waking hours, I shed a lot of weight which considering I originally was not fat, made me look incredibly sickly. For the next 5 years my indicators would go down one test then go over the roof in the second, several months on end my skin turned beige (not - not tanned, or bronzed or what-not, but Pentone beige). After changing doctors and meds in late 2017, thankfully my numbers are now pretty clean (or as clean as they can rationally be for someone diabetic!). Still, I need to follow a strict regimen in terms of eating, excercise, medicine, etc... All this is to say that LADR is correct - diabetes is incredibly serious. And I want to thank them for this campaign!