Friday, November 22, 2019

Civic movement - Lebanese Independence Day

OK as you might realize the civic movement has a lot going on Independence Day. There's the lighting thing whereby at 6 P.M. anyone should light "something" (cell, car, laser, etc..) to make Beirut shine in hope. Acts like these get press coverage so I get it. (source)
The ad is cute! Lebanese diaspora (or whomever is speaking on their behalf) issued this one. "3a hadir el teyyara" a nice nod to the song "3a hadir el bosta" made super famous by Fairouz (although an earlier version by the late Joseph Sakr. The idea is for the said diaspora to go directly from the airport to downton Beirut where the protests are. Well, nothing against dreaming I suppose! (source)
Then there is the "civilian show" to replace the usual "army show" which this year is not happening in downtown Beirut as was the custom. Apparently they will divide people by legions (bikers, artists, etc....). Again, I guess this bon enfant vibe has been going on from the start, so why stop at independence day? (source)