Friday, October 25, 2019

Lebanon, manifestations, and red lines.

Well, another day, another hashtag. No wait, a full blown ad with copy, creative, cast, concept, and voice over! I am assuming all this was done pro bono because if any financing was done, I would want to know the source of the money. Now, the new hashtag is #انا_خط_احمر (I_am_a_red_line). The idea - translated literally with people painting red lines (be it with graffiti or paint) on themselves. The concept rotates around the idea that whereas leaders are interchangeable, people are not. Next time I will hear anyone say "bil rou7 bi damm nafdika ya...." (with our soul with our blood we sacrifice ourselves to you) which is a popular chant people use during political rallies, I will remind people who owns their blood. Sarcasm aside, it is interesting such an ad was done and - predictably under the circumstances - was unsigned. Please do see it here!