Wednesday, October 9, 2019

And for October 13, Tayyar comes with a masterpiece.

October 13 1990, is the day of the Syrian assault on Baabda Palace ousting General Michel Aoun (who is now president ironically) out. So to commemorate the day, the Free Patriotic Movement (Tayyar al Watani Al Hurr) came up with a classic ad nothing short of a masterpiece. The soldier silhouette doing the classic salute contains the image of a young man putting his hand on his eyes to foresee in the distance. And if this is not enough? The touching lne "Madin lil ghad" (a past for the future) seals it with a ribbon! There could be a double-entendre here with "Madin" meaning "we persevere" but I could be injecting a layer that is not there. Excellent work! Side note the ad comes from Clementine (lately going from strength to strength).