Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cenacle de la lumiere - a new tone of voice about addicts

 Oh! Now this is surprising, Cenacle de la lumiere (CDLL) is launching a new campaign about addiction. OK, so it is doing it the old-trusted way by getting comedians and actors and what not on board as seen below (for a special concert it seems).
The  novelty? It does not talk about addicts condescendingly, or with a tone of menace, or in a silly gimmick kind of way, rather it treats this as a topic where everyone is involved because addiction is not something that is about the addict in a void kind of way - but involves parents, families, schools, educational systems, peer pressure, and believe it or not sensitive souls trying to find their way!... So Kudos to CDLL for finding a smart adult language to speak about addiction because as they said, "it is not  joke, we are all involved".