Friday, August 9, 2019

About those odd doozy illustrations

Hmm, Doozy is an insurance company (new one as far as I know, its website says it is part of Arope Insurance). I am not sure how it happened, but every time I open a link on the net its ads are there starring at me. The issues? (apart from the fact I do not drive) I cannot for the life of me, take the company seriously because their ilustrations (and their mascot) are borderline childish at best, silly at worst. The mascot in question is a bland character, hastily drawn, wear a bowtie, with no eyes or capability of transfer emotions.
To be honest I am not sure how this idea got voted and to which target audience (youth? first-time car owners?). Even the company's logo has a sort of slender non-capital letters typograhy - which goes against the usual "trust-me-I-am-here-for-you" mantra which would let you believe in an insurance company. All this is too confusing for me to  be honest.