Friday, July 5, 2019

Kotex #هي_تقدر a revolution in how sanitary napkins are advertised

"Some believe that there are days in the month that hinder the women from doing their job
Yet I am sure that there are some who are unaware of that"
So begins the ad. So far, interesting, but wait - the Arabic language demarks clearly between male and female and so when the copy says "Yet I am sure" it is said in the masculine mode which clearly implies that the "some" at the begining are a bunch of ignorant men who know nothing about periods! The ad continues with two examples - a female chef and a female film director.
Interestingly Kotex has one of best transpositions of their selling lines from "Kotex fits. Period." to
"كوتكس بتناسبك. متل العادة"
The ad above ends with a # that goes: #هي_تقدر or #she_can - yes, indeed she can! 
Watch the ad here!