Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Joe La Pompe celebrates 20 years "en grande pompe"

Clint Eastwood (Actor/Director) - John Hegarty (BBH)
Peter Graves (Actor) - Maurice Levy (ex worldwide leader Publicis)
Joe La Pompe famous copycat catcher since 1999 is celebrating 20 years "en grande pompe" - he sees copycats everywhere in the advertising industry! I mean, can you blame him - not just that the same festival gives prizes to ads which won it several years back (Hello Cannes!) but creatives looking at previous ads and copying them thinking no one will notice (in Lebanon some reach to students' portfolios, preying on the creativity of innocent kids! What a shame!). The above are a firm proof Joe La Pompe is correct, would you be able to tell these people apart? Luckily, we can tell copycated ads however, my own site is full of them. So happy 20th anniversary Joe La Pompe, and here's to many more! Enjoy the complete campaign here!