Monday, June 17, 2019

Pepsi Abou Jumbo now 2,5 Liters

Well, a long - long - time ago, Pepsi came with with the Jumbo bottle (the 1,75 liters) which was dubbed Jumbo (as in Jumbo jet!), then it followed it with the 2,25 liters calling it Abou Jumbo (slang Arabic for "father of Jumbo"), now - at the same price - Pepsi is marketing the 2,5 liters saying "Abou Jumbo got bigget, get a bigger fridge". Do note, international standard fridges are only able to house the 1,25 liters bottles in the door which makes the 2,25 an anomaly to fit and even with a bigger fridge, there is no way to put the Abou Jumbo but laying down because the circumference of the bottle is bigger than the usual door shelving size. But hey, it seems the 0.25 liters extra come at no price, and a family of 5 can exterminate the bottle without need to stock it!