Thursday, June 27, 2019

CTS hits summer with a "chill pill".

Straight on the heels of their incredible father's day ad, CTS travel and tourism hit the summer stride with an assortment of "chill pills" - what could have ended up a silly litteral ad is actually quite funky accompanied by a cute copywriting:
We've got the cure for summer fever!
If you're experiencing the urge to go to the beach, mistake your work bag with your beach one, get sunset blues more than 5 times a week then our beach packages are the right prescription for you! Hurry up and call our travel consultants on 01395600 to get diagnosed.
There are two other variants: Seashells and croissant. Check them below.
Here's a sweet gimmick, in 2007 and ad for the new electoral law appeared with a line "so as the (elctoral) fever would subside" which had a mock Aspirin bottle in it.... Here it is below.
  Naturally, the two ads got nothing to do with one another, it is just a sweet "rappel" this blog is famous for.