Friday, May 17, 2019

Remiel and Plaza Palace both play on "I do".

Two ads in town, two different takes on the "I do". It is rare for me to speak of ads at the same time unless it is a "compare and contrast" situation (meaning potential copyright infringement. Do note, I am not the target audience of these two ads - only couples preparing their weddings are. Remiel sells chocolates and the like, while Plaza Palace is a hotel-cum-wedding hall. Remiel went for
"Yes I do
love Chocolate"
While Plaza Palace did:
          "Say I
& let us DO the rest"
I tried to mimick their design. Do the ads work? Don't ask me, ask the couples preparing their wedding this year. I must admit esthetically, Remiel is a less "crowded" ad (the Plaza Palace has too much going on!), but again, who am I to judge since the ads do not speak to me nor do they target me.