Saturday, May 4, 2019

Panzani - train them while they're young

Panzani - the pasta brand - is back showing its face. On the plus side, they stuck to that oh-so-wonderful line "Des pates, oui, mais des Panzani!" (Panzani was famous for using Don Patillo, the priest who keeps falling into temptation). On the downside, there is a small girl in an apron - so tell me, why can't it be a small boy? You see, this is exactly how stereotypes are born and are kept alive. Every little girl will want to emulate the one in the ad, and learn that her place was in the kitchen. What's wrong with using a boy instead? Just yesterday I prepared dinner for my guests, it was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. So again, I think it is sad to go with such imagery, because once more this is how stereotypes of what women can do and how they view themselves are born.