Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Louis Vuitton goes with a gibberish Arabic in Ramadan ad!

Louis Vuitton, an uncotested symbol of luxury, just came up with a faux pas. The ad displayed above goes - in good English - "Blessings for the season. In honor of Eid, explore a selection of special Louis Vuitton gifts on our website" but the Arabic translation:
"ne3mat haza al mawsam"
نعمة هذا الموسم
leaves a lot to be desired.... Let me explain in Arabic it should be:
"barakat haza al mawsam ta7oul 3alaykom
فلتحل عليكم بركات هذا الموسم
So where's my hiccup? Within this incredibly bad translation the statement reads in English:
(We are the) blessing of the season with the Eid coming up, etc....
I don't think Louis Vuitton wanted to be that pompous!