Saturday, April 6, 2019

On the FPM (tayyar), rape and the slippery feminist slope.

Where does one begin with this one?
The story:
A pamplet distributed by the Free Patriotic Movement tells the tale of a village whose women were raped by invading soldiers. All women succumb except one who kills her rapist. Women go out of their houses at the end of the ordeal in torn clothes, except the one who killed the agressor, she goes out with his skull. The other women end up killing her so as for her not to get haughty on them. "They killed the honor for shame to live".
Morale of the story? The corrupt in our society are basically fighting the justs.
Well, now that the civil society is no longer small and underfunded, it took feminist organisations a blink to react in protest. Well their reaction is understandable, in the sense that they read the pamphlet as anti-feminist, as a sort of banalization of rape, portraying women as responsible of own rape, and equated to the corrupt.
Well, civil society is certainly more organized these days. And their reaction is swift. And political parties claim both - to aim for a renewal of values but also are stuck in the old patriarchal system. All right, so our Minister of Interior is a woman, but do I see a sweeping "trend" on grassroot level? Am lukewarm about it. I think working too closely I learned all of this is a more top down approach.
Just to be clear, Tayyar already did that in 2009 with its infamous "sois belle et vote" a play of words on the French "sois belle et tais toi" - "be beautiful and vote" as opposed to "be beautiful and stay silent" (ergo beautiful women are not smart, but they can vote as told).
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