Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Lada - the "thank you Russia" edition

So, it seems in Lebanon we are professionals thanking other nations - either for them brokering peace or agreements (Qatar), or helping elect presidents (you name it, it is there), or giving us freebies in the shape of money depsoted in central banks (Saudi Arabia), and the list goes on. So in the same vein now it is "thank you Russia" - for the Lada car that is tough on Lebanon's potholes.
The ad is cute, and to the point and does target Lebanese drivers in something they only know too well. Interestingly our own president was in Russia and the teaser campaign "thank you Russia" was indeed quite well-timed.
However in the same repertoire and should you remember the ad war that was between Hallab 1881 and Doueihy in 2013 (with Halab's move to Jounieh), it was Rifaat Hallab's (meaning the other Hallab!!) beautiful "thank you qater" (not qatar - qater being the sugary syrup that Arabic sweets are dipped in!) that takes the mantle. Here it is below: