Friday, April 5, 2019

Another store - a lifestyle magazine comes to life

Photo credit: Pulse Production
All right I shall admit it - I knew about Another Store from the small pop up they had at ABC Achrafieh: Margiela this and Helmut Lang that, heart-stopping Dries Van Noten, understated Roberto Collina. Names that might be obscure to the many but to the in crowd they're truly "swoon".
So let's back from the start - the main branch:
In a place where every two bit calls itself a concept store Another Store combines (wait for it):
A gift shop, a selection of contemporary fashion, an ahtleisure section, a boutique gym, a coffee bar, a restaurant cafe, and a hair concept salon - all under one roof.
Think of it as a lifestyle magazine in real life with curatorial choices! I mean yes, I do want my cappucino with a side serving of Neil Barett, while I get updates as to whatever is trending in the world (bonus points to anyone who goes to their gym wearing the Satisfy outfits they have). Side note: Whereas I am no foodie I am not going to say no a lunch prepared by Meat the Fish.
Now I do not do Pilates (their studio is run by PostoNove), their hairdressing studio is a full fledged hair conept by MEND X Mendelek and will be run by George Mendelek (I cut mine too short, so that too is of little use to me).
Well in their own words:
"You can say we're sane. Sane but twisted.
You're not like all the thers.
Others will always try to define you.
But you will always have another definition."
As someone who appreciates words, props to whomever wrote this manifesto!
And yeah, you had me at that Laneus cardigan!
See them on instagram here!