Friday, March 8, 2019

Malak al Tawouk goes lent without mentionning it.

Malak al Tawouk, went with a lent ad without mentionning the word, opting for the code word "fish" instead. "3mol mnih w kol min el ba7r" which is a twist on the classic expression "3mol mnih w kib bil ba7r" losely translated as "do well and throw in the sea" - meaning "do not wait for a return (in the jargon of Malak al Tawouk it means "do well and eat from the sea").
All this reminds me of another major brand that played on the same expression. Byblos bank whose selling line was "do well and do not throw in the sea" (meaning "keep them safe). The ad dates back to circa 1993, so yes people - this dates me.