Wednesday, January 30, 2019

DHL, Mo Salah and that touching stunt!

I admit, I really did not like that ad trend "we brought 6 housewives and..." or "could two people with diverging opinions meet over a brunch?" - so when I read about the DHL and Mo Salah thingy I was "OK it's one such thing". Well, it is not. Come on, how many of us did not dream that the idol (sports, singer, actor,...) would actually reply to the effort we did sketching his/her image etc.... Well, the boy who did the Salah image with 11,000 pieces of paper got the surprise of his life and so did other fans too. Mind you Salah is so incredibly relatable as a celebrity which makes the ad work (a fake such known person would have tanked. And - it is produced by our own Lebanese Talkies. How cool is that? Watch the ad here!