Friday, December 28, 2018

Oumaya Alieh Soubra mesmerizes at Surock Museum

Let me first say this is not the main exhibition currently running at Sursock Museum, Oumaya Alieh Soubra's works stand as a side mini exhibition. And that is our loss since they command the highest time and most stringent visual and mental investigation.
The scientific rigour (with Alieh Soubra being a pharmacist who had her own analytical labs which got destroyed in the Lebanese war) is there all right. Only an incredibly sharp mind could produce works such as "naked" which truly is an incredible study of pointillism, suggestion, precision, and fantasy all combined into one.
It is a pity the exhibition was so succint, as one could have delved deeper into such a refreshing way of seeing things - the way Alieh Soubra presents them. You still have time till January 14th to catch her briliant show at the Sursock Museum.