Saturday, December 22, 2018

Ogero plays the mea culpa card for its end of year greetings.

Ogero sent out its end of year greetings with an implicit mea culpa. Well, let us be honest, there has been incredible chaos at Ogero in the past (much like any other government administration). But apparently they are working diligently at planning, at rectifying errors, at tightening their screws, and hence the slogan "tomorrow you shall love us". As Ogero was a sample of the country's fight to make anything government related become organized, the promise could be a tall order, and yet nothing would be more welcome than a positive outcome! Here's to loving Ogero tomorrow!
And as is the case with social media, Patrick Chemali (no relation) already spoofed this in a good natured-way! With a wink from fairouz herself!