Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wooden Bakery doubles down for St. Barbara

So St. Barbara is upon us - the feast is known for boiled wheat, a local delicacy by the name of Kataef, and children in costumes along with a famous song "hechle barbara wel ame7 mil mghara" (Barabara is fleeing and the wheat is in the cave). So this was transformed by Wooden Bakery as a full ad "no matter where you turn the wheat is in the cave" (seems they are offering wheat for free on the 3rd of December at 5 P.M. in all branches), and the second ad was a lovely word play "meet us with a costume from head to dough" (OK I invented the English transliteration because translating it would have proved a dud, so with my English you can at least imagine the joke).