Sunday, November 11, 2018

Almaza - 85 years campaign

I still have no clue what the new Almaza is. "New" as in the one that migrated from Intermakets to Leo Burnett. Its identity is - vague, at best.Almaza seems to be celebrating its 85th anniversary, for that they are coming up some "pass the bottle" thingy. The winner gets free Almaza beer for a full year (yeah, try this an "drink responsibly" at the same time!). There is even a # to go with it #friendssince1933. OK, OK, I get it, they are targeting the millennials and all. But there is something definitely not working strategically. From the "mostly" English language, to the lack of consistency, to a brand still all over the place. Oh and just for fun please see this video (compare and contrast - pass the email/pass the bottle?).