Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Muratbey and that awfully long headline!

Well, perhaps I am no expert, but Miratbey is not a name familiarto me in terms of cheese brands. So for their (up to my knowledge) first foray into the market they came up with this incredibly long headline (which references a local wedding song) "we came we came we came, we came with the tastiest cheese and we came" - notice: If you are driving by the logo of Muratbey (unknown to the public) is barely readable or perceptible in terms of proportions. That they are advertising a sub-brand called helix is also not showing. "Less salt" and "without preservatives" is drowned into the visual.
The problem is that the image is actually very professional and well done, but between that very long headline, the unknown brand in the market and all - sadly the ad fails to convey its purpose.