Thursday, July 5, 2018

Smirnoff of labels and people

Smirnoff has three ads running in town, two of them pictured here - "no more dress codes", and "open house open minds" (the one not here is "party nation no discrimination" - with all three carrying inclusion-like messages where everyone is accepted and all participants are on equal footing. The brand also signs with "the world's no 1 vodka" - what is obvious is that this is a continuation of the "labels are for bottles not for people" campaign that Smirnoff initiated late 2017.
Well, to me the epitome of the Smirnoff ads was one that ran in the 90s which sadly I did not keep (or find yet): Vodka from the time when the vodka mattered not the bottle. If you can find any clearer jab at Absolut and its famous campaign please show it to me, till then this should suffice.