Thursday, July 19, 2018

Epica Awards are now back! With Wieden + Kennedy ads

So what's better than the Epica Awards (of which this blog is a proud juror) being back? That they are back with such a lovely campaign from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. Basic? Yep. Graphics seemingly done by a first semester art student? Check. Spells out the concept of "cut through" creatively, funnily, and smartly? You bet. You see, for all the over-productions we see in some ads, it is always - always - the concept that ends up winning through? Here's a previous Gold winner at the Epica:
Advertiser: Far East Mercantile Limited
Agency: Insight Publicis Nigeria (2016)
So come on agencies in the Middle East show us your guts.
Hint: Epica editorial director Mark Tungate really, really, loves the Panda Cheese ad from Egypt.
Another hint? Back in 2016 an ad from the region almost made it to the very very top of the charts - so why not your ad this year?
A third hint? The more ads from the region, the higher the probability of me attending in vivo and pushing you all the way internally! Tadam!