Tuesday, July 10, 2018

BMW X3 Wonder Dad

I just watched ad that lasted a quarter of an hour, and I watched every bit of it, was not annoyed (on the contrary I was so completely taken with the story), and in the end I got emotional. Welcome to the BMW father's day release for the new X3 model in China. Please watch the full film here.
The story blends Dong Dong's (the child) imagination with his father's real life career and hassles along with classic Hollywood stunts and martial arts moves - naturally the child reinterprets grown up's words with his own limited vocabulary (negotiating with a client becomes negotiating for a hostage release situation), and of course the whole crescendo to get to the school's play is extremely tightly knit (even if the denouement is a little reminiscent of the Allegro costume party debacle we have seen earlier). But this does not belittle Wieden + Kennedy's efforts for BMW. A lovely emotional ad indeed.