Thursday, May 17, 2018

Depot-Vente launches its fragrance 5 1/2....

Do you want to smell like "pineapple, lavender, dried fruits, geranium, sandalwood, incense" all at once? Well, I do! Ladies and gentlemen please calm down but.... Depot-Vente has launched its perfume! (Scream!) Being a vintage store, these smells remind you of your grandmother's house, a beach outing, cozy afternoons with friends, languid summerish siestas and make the perfect Proust madeleine for your memories to come by (it has been scientifically proven that the olfactory sense is the one that triggers memory the fastest).
The perfume is called "5 1/2" (because 5 was taken - no points for guessing who took the 5!) and to me it conjures all the beauty of the poem "Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias" known for its first line "at five in the afternoon" which was turned into a beautiful movie by Samira Makhmalbaf. As with everything with Depot-Vente the price is criminally low (25,500 LBP or 17 USD for a 50ML bottle which is a unisex blend mind you). I for one am in the queue already!