Friday, April 6, 2018

Michelle Tueni and the silent majority for the elections

I think I have some questions for Michelle Tueni.
She is headlining herself as the "majority which still has not spoken" - well, does your sister Nayla belong to that majority? If not what she been doing for the last 13 years in the parliament apart from going to Cyprus to get married and leave other people to defend civil marriage in Lebanon?
Another question - when you publicly spoke against the manifestations against the garbage and the system change via the paper you and your sister inherited from your late father, how can you reconcile that with your dumbed down slogans for the elections? (I am not imagining this, the article is still online here - where Tueni is upset about road closings, she not being able to get to work, etc...)
So Michelle, would be nice to answer this before speaking silent majorities - because when the majority did speak you were against it.