Sunday, April 22, 2018

Kataeb and the gun for the elections

Kataeb has a new ad "your ballot is a legal weapon" - first I guess the idea of "legal" weapon is something which is a kind of a hint against what they deem as "illegal" weapon of the Hizbollah. But also, they played that card before in the last elections in 2009, here's the ad below:
"Your stability is our project, the parliament our weapon".
The the Kataeb has a violent past is of no argument, that this is a wink to all the former people who fought on their side during the war is a no-brainer, that they are appealing to their most basic of instincts and using the lowest common denominator makes me wonder why they are running such an ad at this advanced stage before the elections.
Then again as the French saying goes "chassez le naturel il revient au galop" (chase away the natural state and it comes back running).
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Kataeb - as you have always known them.