Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday candles - 2011-15 compilation!

Here's a small compilation from the archives in honor of Palm Sunday and its wonderful candles!

I admit, compared to previous years my photos this year are rather less outrĂ©, still I managed to find some gems. For a full round up of previous years please look below!

I have covered this before, and every year, the selection gets more interesting from a social and anthropological level... My main regret is not being able to take a photo of a Coca-Cola dressed candle coming from Gladys Shop (which along with Cynthia's candle, Majica and Maia Dibeh and The Little Frog) proves there are now dedicated brands for a vibrant Easter candles market.
This just in - we have boats, Minnie Mouse, Ice Cream and a tattooed bodybuilder.

All the usual suspects as back, Barbie, footballs, flowers in wax and yes - Smurfs! However, to be fair, the mood this year was a little subdued as there was simple candles simply adorned with ribbons something which was flagrantly missing in editions of the years past... Enjoy and have a good Palm Sunday.

After last year's very successful dabbling with the Palm Sunday candles. I went back to the scene of the crime only to find that the whole pop symbols are still there en force. Cars (the movie), Disney princesses, Smurfs, Winnie the Pooh, you name it - it's there one way or the other. Taking these photos while pretending to fondle with the camera can be a real challenge though!.... How many times can you pretend that the camera shot accidentally or that you are playing with the focus before people realize you are shooting... something!

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a day to commemorate Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, and a day for children to get new clothes and do the three turns around the church while holding their candles. Did I say candles? Oh dear, this year I was struck by how the Palm-Sunday-Candle-Industry has evolved from a small thing wrapped in an olive brand when I was a child to... this! The photos tell all I suppose: you had candles in the shape of flowers, others done in Burberry style, one of them - judging by the feathers - must have been commissioned to John Galliano (disgraced creative head of Dior), the Barbie doll is also part of a candle, the ladybug as well, there were Easter eggs (hopefully of plastic), a cuckoo clock, and (one that I missed shooting) had mini-skateboards on it.... Just to think that after the triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus would be crucified this Friday (but... he resurrects!).