Friday, March 16, 2018

Of clientage and proper merit for the elections

When I first saw this ad from the Lebanese Forces elections campaign which said "now is the time for merit not clientage" (clientage is the use of someone's influence to get something which under proper circumstances one would not get) my first reflex went to Sethrida Geagea who is of course running for the elections - her main claim to fame was that she was the wife of Samir Geagea head of the executive committee of the Lebanese Forces.
Please do not think I am belittling Mrs Geagea, she managed to keep the party afloat in the darkest hours and this is no mean feat for a woman celebrated above all for her beauty (turns out she has persistence and brains too!). But if you think this is a separate case for the Lebanese Forces, then please do check the list below which includes every Lebanese party under the sun and how each and everyone is using nepotism to boost its own candidates. Below is the list:
As you shall note it is political dynasties on and on again....