Thursday, March 29, 2018

My vote is for sale - let the bidding begin!

Photo from the Tarek Chemaly archive
It's elections time and so it is only normal for the votes to be bought (only for the voters to be sold afterwards, but that's a detail). The photo above was taken during the brouhaha of the 2009 elections when it was popular for ad slogans to be "vote for carpets" "vote for so-and-so store" after of couse the explosion of "vote for this and that candidate", only for this small clothing store to say "vote 4 sale" - probably it was an innocent ad for the sale inside the store, but during election times everything is taken with a wink and pinch of salt.
Apart from this blog post I already published, now the real bribing starts - a certain candidate (not giving more hints!) is offering $600 per vote and gets to confiscate your ID card (which is needed to vote) from now. Whereas the sum appears humongous especially if you count 4-5 voters per family, actually the number is on the low side.
Another party (again no hints) is offering for a family of three, $6000 (yes, that's $2000 per vote!) and the son in question gets to be a "mandoub" (representative) in the voting room for the said party. Elsewhere, the numbers are starting to vary, but since this is too early for the elections, numbers would certainly go up as we approach the fateful election day.
Actually, someone told me, "you want to hit the highest pay for your vote? show up at 5 P.M. in the electoral center and offer yourself to the highest bidder".
So "what's a girl like you doing in a place like this?".... I'm voting!