Monday, February 5, 2018

Tide Superbowl ad - spoofing everyone!

I read it from several sources, this seemed a bit of a lame year for Superbowl ads. Mind you a 30 seconds spot costs 5 Million USD versus 1,9 for the Academy Awards - with an audience which is basically stable and the advantage of the ads being replayed on YouTube that's a lot of eyeballs watching (Tivo even made the option of skipping the game and only showing the ads).
The Superbowl mind you gave us what some argue is the greatest ad of all time - the Apple 1984 commercial - which, used the full marketing budget of the product and even risked not being shown because it was disliked previously at an Apple conference with sellers.
Which brings us to the Tide ad.
Honestly, it is too funny.
Watch for yourself.
When you think about it, every ad you will see will suddenly fall into that realm. Masterclass!