Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lebanese Army for Valentine's!

I guess this is one of those "I have lived long enough to see it happen". The Lebanese Army has a Valentine's day ad. The movie is obviously self-made with very limited resources, most likely with a real-life couple cast. On the plus side, one can interpret this as having women in the battlefield - which is a major feminist move. On the other, when the headline says "my heart is with you, I am with you" it is simply a fallback on the usual "the people support the army, specifically their significant others".
Maybe the idea was nice, you know, to "humanize" the army. And make its members relatable to the public. Maybe it is the acting that has let it down. Still, I would love to see a read, fuchsia and pink camouflage for Valentine's - that should sell like hot cakes!