Saturday, February 24, 2018

Enticing women to play a role in politics and elections - a brief rundown

"Lebanon is stronger with your presence" so says the new campaign for the National Commission for Lebanese Women.
This made me remember the previously run campaigns on the same topic - enticing women to play their pivotal role in politics and elections in Lebanon.
First there was the famous multi-award winning campaign "khede kasra" - kasra is linguistically how one phonetically differentiates between men and women in the Arabic language. But also "khede kasra" means "make it a habit". The campaign had a teaser and revealer - below is the end outcome, a spectacular campaign turned iconic (the campaign was for the 2009 parliamentary elections).
Then there was the less prominent but creatively interesting "Ba3d Na2es" which is an expression used to berate someone, however, the expression also means "what is still missing" - so the genius of the campaign was to turn the  negative into a positive to get to this result (the campaign was for the municipal and mayoral elections):
Then we have the "wisdom is female" campaign (again for the Municipal elections of 2010):
And in 2016 we have this UNDP camapign where women holding names referring to geographical locations (Asia, Arze (cedar), or Mekhtara....) were running for the municipal elections.