Monday, January 1, 2018

Don't fight for principles, people will laugh at you.

Artwork modified from a Peter Max original
"Anyhow, everyone is laughing at you." the kid told me.
And he was right.
While I was being silly fighting for obsolete principles.
You know what kind - not to sell my readers to some idiotic advertising agency wanting to smuggle ads.
You know what kind - fighting for my students' rights and dignity.
You know what kind - being honest and direct and avoiding the Lebanese "khayye habibi" quagmire.
I guess to paraphrase John Lennon, "laughing at you happens while you're busy defending other principles".
The kid was right.
Don't bother with principles.
They lead you nowhere.
They bring you nothing, not even peace of mind.
Don't bother with them, they will not even make you sleep better at night.
What does it feel like when one has stood for a principle?
It feels alone, this is how it feels.
It feels no one gives a damn, especially the people you are fighting for. It is not worth it to them what you are doing.
It feels bitter. You are doing it solo and no one is even understanding where you come from and why you are complicating your life for nothing.
It feels sad to be honest. Fighting for principles is a long-lost battle.
Don't start it, believe me, it is not worth it.
Everyone claims to be on your side, but no one is. Everyone wants to keep living their easy, subdued lives but wants to fool you thinking they are there for you.
They are not. You are all alone.
Not just alone.
"Everyone is laughing at you."
And no, even if you win you already lost.
And you will not win, because no one gives a damn what you are trying to prove.
Everyone else is stealing, racketeering, forging, bending the law,  so why can't we?
True, why can't they.
It makes no sense making the case of good when evil is so rampant, so seductive, when evil proclaims everywhere it is a winner.
Evil is the winner.
"And those are the losers" as the Queen song says.
The losers who fight for defunct principles,
The losers who believe in silly things,
The losers who just want to see a lopsided and pitiful justice to prevail.
The losers at whom "everyone is laughing anyway".
"Anyhow, everyone is laughing at you." the kid told me.
And he was right.
To be a loser is to fight.