Friday, December 8, 2017

National Commission for Lebanese Women - 7aki neswen (NOT).

And then totally out from left field, comes this incredibly punchy campaign from the National Commission for Lebanese Women. First let me tell you why I wrote this sexist headline which says "just women's talk" - as my brother was flying from Beirut to London several years back he found himself within earshot of the Lebanese Minister of Culture (a man who currently sits on the board of several museums and associations) saying "hayda 7aki neswen" (this is just women's talk).
What NCLW did was simply to exchange the word "woman" with "man" in some common insulting sentences used in Lebanon. "the woman is an incomplete letter", "the woman can go to Mars but her fate goes back to the kitchen", "would you even reply to a woman!" and so on.
Actually the Lebanese lexicon is very rich in these idioms, take for example the classic "the head of the woman is worth that of two crazy chicken" (3a2l el mara bi 3a2l djejtein khout). The # accompanying the campaign say it all #would_you_accept_it_if_it_were_about_you?
Interestingly, many Arab men seem to think the world of their mother. But berate women in general forgetting their mother is included.
Beautiful campaign, keep it coming!