Monday, December 4, 2017

Exotica - beyond the Christmas tree

It seems Exotica wants you to think of it, not just as the Christmas tree supplier, but rather for the entirety of your Christmas decorations and ornaments. When Mentos was first created, it had a mint flavor and became a roaring success, so when they wanted to diversify into strawberry suddenly the name became odd - "mentos" with strawberry flavor.
If this a replica of that problem I know not, but Exotica - it could imply exotic plants - wants to branch out to full blown decoration it becomes a tad strange. When Sleep Comfort did that, at least they invented a sub-brand called Boutique Du Monde. That made sense!
I for one will pass though. The tree? Well the plastic tree stands year long near my office actually.  Besides here at my home we decorate our tree with Christmas cards - mostly vintage cards I bought from the flea market. That's ornaments enough for me!